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Malaysian Product: Your Choice To Make a Difference

What do you have in mind when you purchase a product? Quality or brand? 

Have you ever consciously considered purchasing a Made-in-Malaysia Product that is of quality?

Every single ringgit that you spent on a locally manufactured goods or services, goes a long way in building our nation.
From retailers, manufacturers to the whole ecosystem of logistics and service industry will directly benefit from your decision of purchasing Made-in-Malaysia Product.

Consuming Malaysian Products will stimulate our country’s economic growth and that provides opportunities to local companies garner a strong foothold of the locally product to compete in the global market.

Your decision today makes a difference to our nation.

Since 1998, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism has embarked on the Buy Malaysian Campaign. The campaign would run throughout the year with promotional activities, exhibitions and advertisements in the media to highlight the key value proposition of Malaysian products. The Ministry aims to encourage higher consumption of Malaysian Product, stimulating economy of local manufacturers and service provider while bridging the gap of perception between locally made product with foreign product

Make a difference today, and learn more about some of the exciting Malaysian Made Products around you.